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Atlas Copco

Air Compressor Services (ACS) carries a full line of Atlas Copco compressor oils & lubricants including petroleum, partial synthetic, full synthetic, and synthetic food grade to meet your needs for any machine. Our replacement compressor oils are blended to meet specifications of Atlas Copco. We guarantee our Atlas Copco compressor oil can be poured on top of the Atlas Copco branded product provided you order our equivalent product. For example, if you have an Atlas Copco Z series compressor, we offer our Roto-Z replacement oil, which meets Atlas Copco specs.

At ACS, we also offer an oil analysis program that is free of charge. This includes both the kit and the analysis and allows you to monitor the Atlas Copco compressor oil and detect problems before potential failure of the compressor. As another form of protection for your compressor, our oils contain top of the line additive packages to protect against water separation and to guard against wear and oxidation resistance.

ACS customers who have GA or GX model rotary screw air compressors are generally running our Roto-Extend Replacement Atlas Copco oil. For our customers using an XAS 185, XAS 97, or any other Atlas Copco Portable Compressors, they are typically using our Par Oil S or Par Oil M. If your compressor is used in food processing, food packaging, or any other application requiring food grade oil, we carry a full synthetic USDA certified compressor oil. Regardless of your compressor model, we have an Atlas Copco compressor lubricant that is 100% OEM compatible for your machine. Please give us a call if you are unsure of the proper Atlas Copco oil for your machine and we will assist you in finding compressor oil specifications and the best oil at a competitive price.