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Gardner Denver

Air Compressor Services offers replacement Gardner Denver compressor oils and blower oils, which are blended to meet Gardner Denver specifications at a very competitive price. We carry a full line of Gardner Denver lubricants and oils and guarantee our equivalent oil can mix with the Gardner Denver fluid of your compressor or blower. The unique mixture of ACS’ replacement Gardner Denver oil is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your machine. Our oil has a premium additive package that increases machine operating efficiency, provides optimum lubricity, and prevents humidity in high temperature applications.

Additionally, with the purchase of ACS replacement oil, we offer a free oil analysis program. Our program includes both the kit and the analysis and is useful in preventing compressor failure.

Air Compressor Services’ replacement AEON 9000TH oil provides wear protection, extraordinary thermal stability, and has a long life at extreme temperatures. We also offer replacement AEON 9000SP oil, which is ideal for processes requiring extended operating intervals. It is uniquely blended to provide optimum viscosity over the compressor’s entire operating range. Our replacement AEON 4000 oil improves equipment reliability by eliminating problematic varnish and carbon deposits that can build up on rotors and separators. Please call us to help identify which Gardner Denver compressor oil is right for your machine!