ACS carries a wide variety of filters for all different brands of air compressors, dryers, blowers and vacuum pumps. Whether you need an air filter, oil filter, separator or coalescing filter, Air compressor Services has you covered. All of our air compressor filters are manufactured with the highest quality materials resulting in higher performance. Filtration is one of the most important aspects in preventative maintenance and Air Compressor Services can help.

Our air compressor filter systems come with an industry leading 1 year manufacturers' warranty and meet the stringent specifications set forth by the OEM's. We guarantee that Air Compressor Services will save you money on your routine maintenance when you purchase our high quality filters. Air Compressor Services recommends that you are regularly inspecting your filters on your air compressor as well as changing the filters regularly. We recommend that you inspect your inlet air filter at least once a month to ensure that foreign contaminants are not entering your oil system. In regards to the oil filter, we highly recommend changing every 1,000 hours. Separators are designed to run for 4,000 hours or until the differential pressure gauge indicates needing a replacement.