Gardner Denver Separator Replacement - 2118961 OEM

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You should check out Air Compressor Services' 2118961 replacement separator. It functions exactly like this separator and only costs a fraction of the price.Your Gardner Denver air compressor system pulls ambient air into the air end where the two rotors quickly spin to compress the air. These rotors are constantly lubricated to ensure they continue to spin as designed. This process produces a combination of compressed air and oil mist which is then sent to the separator and sump tank where the oil mist is removed by your air oil separator leaving you with the pure air you desire. A scavenge line then transfers this separated oil back to the air end where it is injected onto the rotors to repeat the process. This 2118961 OEM separator is the ideal part to replace your Gardner Denver branded separator part number 2118961 if you are looking to spend extra money on your compressor maintenance. If you are looking to match OEM performance and save money, check out the Air Compressor Services' 2118961 replacement separator

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