Shipping Confirmation Emails 

After all or part of your order has been shipped and has undergone its first Fedex scan, a confirmation email will be sent. This procedure will be repeated for each item and order.  If at any time you wish to check the status of your order, you can call 1-877-731-6698.

Shipping in Multiple Packages  For orders containing multiple items, the items might ship separately and at varying times. In an effort to ensure that all orders are shipped and delivered as quickly as possible, each item in your order will be organized and shipped from the same location.  In line with our procedure for shipping confirmation emails, a confirmation email will be sent to inform you which items have been shipped.

Tracking Your Order  Orders can be easily tracked by calling 1-877-731-6698.  Additionally, you will receive emails informing you of your order’s current status.

Delivering Your Package  All packages are processed, shipped, and delivered five days a week, Monday through Friday.  Saturday delivery can be arranged to some locations at an additional charge.. We do not currently implement shipment or delivery on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.  If your shipping address differs from your billing address, expect a potential delay, as we take the time to evaluate the accuracy and security of your credit information.  In most cases, items will ship within 2 business days, unless otherwise stated.