Airend Rebuilding

Air Compressor Services offers the highest quality rotary compressor air end rebuilds in the industry. ACS offers a 2 year warranty on all air end rebuilds that use our synthetic compressor oil. Once we receive your air end, we will disassemble and inspect the rotors and housing for any concealed damages. After inspection, we will begin repairing the rotors which includes hand filing the rotors, replacing the sealing strips as well as the bearings. Our typical compressor air end rebuild service can be turned around in as little as 3-5 days depending on the repairs that are needed.

Rebuilding an air end requires more than just a replacement of the bearings and Air Compressor Services will ensure that all of the procedures are completed. It is important to follow all of the procedures beyond replacing bearings to properly rebuild your air end. We will check the front and rear bearing housings to ensure that the tolerances are built back to the original OEM specifications.  In addition to checking the tolerances, we will also make sure that the male and female rotors are properly balanced as well as replace the sealing strips on the rotors. After all the necessary work is completed, your air end will undergo a final inspection prior to assembly.

Once assembled, the air end will be cleaned, painted, and bolted to a pallet for shipment. We will include proper start-up or storage procedures guaranteeing your compressor will run efficiently for years to come. Contact Air Compressor Services to get a quote from the air end rebuilding experts!

Air Compressor Services also stocks multiple air end cores for a faster turn-around time ultimately reducing your downtime and lost production. Some of the air end cores that we stock include Ingersoll Rand UP6-40 air ends, QSI-1000 air ends, Kaeser SK19 air ends, Kaeser SK26 air ends, Quincy QSVB-25 air ends, and many more. Call us today to see if we stock your air end core to reduce your down-time.