air compressor services logo

While Air Compressor Services has been around since 2012, there haven't been any major changes to the brand or to the logo... until now.

Old ACS Logo:

New ACS Logo:

If you are a partner of ours or have otherwise known ACS for a long time, don't worry - the updates are minor. We value our brand (in fact, if you know any of us personally, most of us wear it every single day). So we didn't want to go changing the logo to a point where it became unrecognizable.

Fun fact: The first question a marketing representative gets when updating a logo: "does this mean we can get new shirts and hats?" That was certainly the case here! And the answer will eventually be "yes!"

We realized we had some opportunity with our branding to help us both print the logo a little more clearly and better define a few things to improve upon our already iconic logo.

Here's Why the New ACS Logo is Better:

First, we wanted to solidify the "ACS red" as a bold, primary color. We love our red, and we felt it needed to be a little more pronounced.

Second, we wanted to include a subtle callout to rotary screw compressors through the icon in our logo. Do you see it? While we supply parts for piston-driven reciprocating compressor units, much of our business is in supplying parts and service for rotary screw compressors.

You will soon start to see new versions of our logo appear throughout our website and on our company materials.

If you're a customer and you want some ACS apparel, contact your account manager and send us your size!