3 Essential Tips for Rotary Compressor Maintenance This Summer

Get Your Compressor Room Ready for the Summer Months

As the warm weather months approach, it's time to gear up for increased demands on your industrial equipment. With temperatures rising, your rotary screw compressors are about to face a serious workout. Are you prepared to handle the heat? At Air Compressor Services, we understand the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly, especially when the mercury starts to climb.

Here are three crucial tips to help you prepare for the heat:

  1. Heat Transfer and Proper Ventilation: Prioritize a thorough inspection of your compressor room as you gear up for the summer months. When assessing the space around your air compressor, remember that a minimum of three feet of clearance is necessary to facilitate proper ventilation and airflow. Look out for indications of wear and tear, leaks, or blockages that might impede heat transfer. Maximizing heat transfer efficiency is crucial to prevent overheating and ensure peak performance. Adequate ventilation and airflow play pivotal roles in maintaining a cool environment in the compressor area.
  2. Stay Up to Date on Preventive Maintenance: Ensuring your preventive maintenance routine remains current is paramount, particularly as temperatures soar. Verify that your maintenance schedule is current, encompassing vital tasks such as swapping filters, inspecting leaks, and tightening connections. Taking proactive steps to tackle any potential issues can avert expensive breakdowns during critical periods. Also, don't overlook the importance of ensuring your air/oil cooler is operating efficiently.
  3. Take Oil Samples: Don't overlook the importance of oil sampling. It's a crucial practice for preemptively identifying issues that could otherwise escalate. Regularly taking oil samples allows you to closely monitor the condition of your lubricant, flagging any contaminants or irregularities early on and helping you spot signs of bearing wear and moisture content. This proactive approach ensures that you kick off the warm season with pristine, top-grade oil. We recommend ACS Ultimate 12K oil, a 240-degree high-temperature oil that will extend the lifespan of your rotary screw compressor and reduces the chances of unforeseen downtime. Don't forget to keep an eye out for varnish buildup, as well, which can clog your cooler.

But why stop there? To ensure your compressors are truly ready to face the heat, consider inviting an ACS representative to inspect your equipment onsite. Our experienced technicians can provide expert guidance on optimizing your compressor setup for maximum performance in warm weather conditions.

Don't let the summer heat catch you off guard. Invest in the right lubricant and follow these essential tips to keep your compressors running smoothly all season long. Contact us today to learn more about our Ultimate 12K oil and schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives. With Air Compressor Services, you can face the heat with confidence.