Air Compressor Services offers a wide range of compressed oil air filters made specifically for industrial air compressors. We provide spin-on oil filters and cartridge style oil filters. Our compressor oil filters are made with the highest quality filter media to provide the best possible protection for the air compressor and compressor oil. ACS guarantees that our replacement oil filters are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The far majority of our oil filters have built in bypass valves giving your compressor an extra level of protection allowing for oil flow to continue even if your oil filter is clogged and overdue on its service. All of our oil filters are guaranteed to fit the compressor, blower or vacuum pump based on the OEM part number. We recommend monitoring the differential pressure gauge on the oil filter head or control panel to make sure that you are not running your equipment with a clogged or partially clogged oil filter . The standard interval for most oil filters is 1,000 hours although some are rated for longer run times. Contact Air Compressor Services today to order your replacement oil filters.