BEKO Coalescing Filter Replacement - FE361 X5


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BEKO Coalescing Filter Replacement - FE361 X5

How It Works

Our BEKO Coalescing Filter Replacement coalescing filter replacement is your final line of protection for your compressor against oil mist and water in the air lines that may make it beyond your BEKO Compressor. The separator in your BEKO Air Compressor is restricted in terms of producing oil free air. ACS BEKO FE361 X5 Coalescing Filter Replacement helps remove the remaining water and oil from your down line air that ultimately prevent damage to your equipment requiring virtually oil free air for optimum performance. Using this filter can prevent harmful contamination present in the air which could possibly cause catastrophic failure of your compressor.


Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications

Specifically designed to fit your air compressor system,the BEKO Coalescing Filter Replacement FE361 X5 offers equal or much improved performance based on BEKO's specifications. Because are specialists in filtration, we're able to take BEKO's requirements on the Coalescing Filter Replacement FE361 X5 and combine it with our industry knowledge to create an exceptional filter.

Holds its Shape

An ACS BEKO Coalescing Filter Replacement FE361 X5 maintains its original shape under extreme pressure and will maintain the maximum surface area for superior performance. Its stiff design help to maintain consistent pressure differentials preventing the filter from collapsing or shutting down your BEKO equipment.

Superior Design

Because of our enhanced engineering and raw materials our filters are designed to outlast the competition. Where as other manufactures filters fail prematurely, our filters are built with such features as steel metalwork, steel or rubber end-caps and metal to metal welding, which helps your BEKO compressor can work more efficiently and last much longer.

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