Hankison Filter Housing Replacement - HF3-12-3DPL

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Hankison Filter Housing Replacement - HF3-12-3DPL

Upgrade your Hankison OEM filter housing with our replacement for the HF3-12-3DPL. 

The Problem with Your OEM Filter Housings

Pressure Loss: Every time you add in-line housing, you're losing pressure from point A to point B. If your system requires multiple filter housings for your point-of-use air, you may be putting unnecessary demand on your compressors.

Drains: OEM filter housings tend to have internal drains that require disassembling the housings to service the drain. They also require a tool to remove the bowl, as opposed to being able to remove by hand.

The ACS Advantage

Pressure Consistency: You'll only see 1.8 psi differential pressure loss with our filter housings. This means your compressor doesn't have to work as hard, which will equate to energy savings and your machine's ability to retain pressure.

Removable Drains: Mechanically, our housings have external removable drains and only require hand tightening or loosening for removing bowls. Our filter elements are also clearly labeled on the bottom for easier part ordering.

The ACS Promise:

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