Ingersoll Rand 5 Gallon Synthetic Oil Replacement - 38459582

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Air Compressor Services 38459582 replacement oil is specifically designed and formulated to be mixed with the OEM fluid manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Our proprietary blend of polyglycol/ester synthetic base stocks has been proven to run in a rotary screw compressor for 8,000 plus hours.

Our premium 38459582 synthetic compressor oil comes with complementary oil analysis to allow you to monitor the health of your Ingersoll Rand compressor as well as the oil. In our oil analysis we check for foreign particles, contaminants as well as wear metals to ensure that your air end and compressor are in good health. 

We guarantee that our oil can be mixed with the OEM fluid and your air compressor does not have to be flushed when switching over to our oil. Air Compressor Services 38459582 oil can even be used to top off your air compressor when the oil is low, even when using the OEM Ingersoll Rand fluid.

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