Ingersoll Rand Coolant Filter Replacement - 23424922

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23424922 Ingersoll Rand Coolant Filter

Air Compressor Services offers a state of the art replacement for Ingersoll Rand's 23424922 oil filter. Our Ingersoll Rand coolant filter is made with the highest quality synthetic filter media guaranteeing that it will last for 2,000 hours or longer. Air Compressor Services' replacement 23424922 oil filter is manufactured to the stringent specifications demanded by Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand compressors are equipped with pressure transducers that monitor the 23424922 coolant filter differential pressure to ensure that the filter is changed at the appropriate time. As the filter begins to collect particles and contaminants, the oil filter will begin to clog, which will restrict the oil flow. The restriction results in increased differential pressures, and the transducer will send an alarm to the Intellisys controller on the Ingersoll Rand compressor. Most oil filter housings are equipped with bypass valves which guarantee the coolant will continue to flow to the air end. Proper maintenance intervals and timely replacement of the 23424922 coolant filter is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of an Ingersoll Rand compressor.

In order to insure your Ingersoll Rand compressor continues to run efficiently, we recommend changing the oil filter every 2,000 hours or during an oil change. Routine replacement of the oil filter will also protect the bearings and rotors from foreign contaminants that may enter the oil system which could cause premature, catastrophic failure. Call or shop today for all Ingersoll Rand coolant filters, oil, and separators.

23424922 Coolant Filter Replacement Dimensions:
Height: 9.13"
Outer Diameter: 4.47"

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