Ingersoll Rand Pressure Switch Replacement - 38471579

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Air Compressor Services is a nationwide supplier of Ingersoll Rand parts and accessories including the 38471579 pressure switch. Ingersoll Rand pressure switches is the most popular maintenance item on the smaller IR reciprocating compressors like the SS3 and SS5 models.

Air Compressor Services'��pressure switch for Ingersoll Rand compressors is designed to function properly and ensure that your compressor loads and unloads at the appropriately set PSI. Pressure switch leaks are a very common misconception and it is often times the result of a faulty safety valve.�� We stock all common pressure switches for Ingersoll Rand compressors and offer same day shipping. Call and speak to one of our IR technicians about your faulty pressure switch or leak.����

Other Ingersoll Rand Replacement Parts:

In addition to the Ingersoll Rand Pressure Switch Replacement - 38471579, we stock replacement parts for Ingersoll Rand Air Filters, Ingersoll Rand Oil Filters, Ingersoll Rand Separators, Ingersoll Rand Oil and more so you can maximize the performance of your Ingersoll Rand Compressors.

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