Ingersoll Rand Separator Replacement - 54509427

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54509427 Ingersoll Rand Separator Replacement

Air Compressor Services

ACS is a leading provider of Ingersoll Rand compressor parts and oils for all models of air compressors. We stock thousands of air-oil separators, air filters, synthetic compressor oils, and oil filters.  Air Compressor Services compressor parts designed for Ingersoll Rand compressors are built to perform and outlast the Ingersoll Rand branded products. 


The 54509427 Ingersoll Rand air-oil separator is constructed with premium materials including top-of-the-line filter media, and stainless steel ensuring that it will do what it says and separate the compressed air from the oil mist.  Ingersoll Rand air-oil separators play a critical role in minimizing oil carryover and reducing the risk of over-heating or air-end failure from oil loss.  Our 54509427 separator is guaranteed to last for at least 4,000 hours with proper preventative maintenance intervals.  After installing a new separator, you will see an increase in the differential pressure until the filter media is saturated, which usually takes 8-12 hours. Once the separator has settled in, the differential pressure will drop and then slowly climb until it is time for replacement.  Most compressors will shut down once it reaches 15psi, preventing the separator from collapsing.. 

When replacing the 54509427 air-oil separator on an Ingersoll Rand compressor it is imperative that the oil scavenge line is set correctly. Improper placement of the scavenge line will intensify oil loss/carryover and will eventually shut down due to high temperatures or low oil levels. The oil scavenge line utilizes pressure to recycle the oil from the IR 54509427 separator and will travel through an in-line strainer or oil filter prior to being introduced back into the air end. 


Air Compressor Services is a leading supplier of Ingersoll Rand compressor parts and accessories including oil separators, oil filters, and compressor oil. We stock thousands of common preventive maintenance parts, including the 54509427 separator. It is available to ship today so call ACS for your replacement Ingersoll Rand compressor parts

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