Ingersoll Rand Separator Replacement - 54749247

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Air Compressor Services

ACS is a nationwide supplier of compressor parts and oils for all Ingersoll  Rand air compressors. We  stock air-oil separators, air filters, synthetic compressor oils, and oil filters.  Air Compressor Services branded compressor parts are engineered to perform and outlast the Ingersoll Rand products. Regardless which Ingersoll Rand Compressor you own, we have you covered. 


Our Ingersoll Rand air-oil separator is built with American made filter media, giving you the confidence that it will separate the air from the oil after being compressed your Ingersoll Rand UP6 compressor. Separators are crucial in preventing oil loss in the Ingersoll compressor and ultimately prevent catastrophic failure from oil loss.  Air Compressor Services’ separators are guaranteed to perform for 4,000 hours with proper maintenance and service intervals. On your Ingersoll Rand UP6 air compressor, it is necessary to monitor the differential pressure indicator or gauge to make sure that the separator is still functioning properly. As a separator begins to clog, the differential pressure gauge will begin to climb indicating that it is time to replace your 54749247 air-oil separator. 

Ingersoll Rand replacement separator 54749247 is designed to the stringent specifications set forth by Ingersoll Rand. Our separator is designed to operate under the harshest conditions providing you with optimal air/oil separation. The 54749247 separator replacement is made with high quality steel and a micro-glass media.

Its extremely important  that you properly clean oil scavenge lines in addition to monitoring the gauges. The oil scavenge line utilizes suction pressure to recycle the oil from the  Ingersoll Rand 54749247 separator and will travel through a line filter or oil filter. A clogged scavenge line will result in gradual oil loss and eventually cause overheating and catastrophic failure.  


Air Compressor Services is a leading supplier of Ingersoll Rand compressor parts and accessories including oil separators, oil filters, and compressor oil. We stock thousands of common preventive maintenance parts, including the 54749247 separator. It is available to ship today so call ACS for your replacement Ingersoll Rand compressor parts.

54749247 Replacement Dimensions:

Height: 12.240”
Thread Size: 1 ½” 16 UN2B
Outer Diameter: 5.471”

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