Quincy NW Oil Filter Replacement - F2459

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Quincy NW Oil Filter Replacement - F2459

How it Works

When your Quincy NW system is compressing air, oil is transferred from the sump tank to the air end to help lubricate the bearings. An oil filter offers an integral barrier of protection from contamination by foreign particles that have gotten past your air filter and into the sump tank.


ACS Quincy NW brand F2459 filter is designed with the top quality materials to be able towithstand burst pressure ratings defined by Quincy NW. Spin-on oil filter elements are installed by easily spinning off and thenreplacing the current oil filter element on your Quincy NW air compressor system.

Our Quincy NW F2459 Replacement oil filters are manufactured of synthetic, paper, metal, mesh or cloth with a micron rating matching Quincy NW's specifications. We are so confident in our product that we offer an industry leading manufacturer's defect warranty for the life of the filter.


The proper selection and use of filters will prevent short and long term problems with your Quincy NW system and save you substantially in down-time and compressor system component replacement costs over the life of your Quincy NW air compressor system. Other filters are not designed to withstand the extreme pressure environment of your Quincy NW compressed air system and using other filters without the burst pressure ratings recommended by Quincy NW can result in complete failure of the filters and ultimately your compressed air system.

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