Sullair Differential Pressure Valve Regulator - 406929

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Sullair compressors require functioning pressure regulators in order for optimal efficiency. Air Compressor Services carries multiple pressure regulators including our replacement 406929. The valve is manufactured and assembled in the USA giving you the confidence that your Sullair compressor will continue to run efficiently. The 406929 valve comes standard with a pressure set screw allowing you to customize the pressure setting based on the operating pressure of the air compressor

ACS' replacement pressure regulator 406929 is set with a pressure rating of 100 psi direct from the factory. The pressure set screw on top of the valve housing allows you to manipulate the operating pressure of your air compressor. The minimal pressure rating on this particular valve is 75 psi. The maximum pressure rating for the 406929 valve is 175 psi. If you have any questions regarding the pressure adjustment, please call the experienced and knowledgeable Air Compressor Services' sales team.

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