Sullair Strainer Repair Kit Replacement - 241772

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241772 - Sullair Strainer Repair Kit

Air Compressor Services is a leading supplier of parts and service provider for all Sullair Compressor models. Our 241772 Sullair strainer kit is a crucial preventative maintenance item on Sullair compressed air systems. Our replacement Sullair strainer repair kit contains a gasket, o-ring and #80 mesh stainless steel screen to protect your controls and Sullair compressor. 

Sullair compressors utilize an in-line strainer to prevent unnecessary shutdowns from false readings on the pressure gauges. The oil return line is responsible for returning oil from the separator tank back to the air end of a Sullair compressor. The ¼” V-type strainer houses a mesh screen to filter any debris in the oil lines. The  241772 kit is needed and recommended during scheduled preventative maintenance intervals. Oil return line strainers are the key to ensure that your gauges operate properly and accurately to maintain proper service intervals. Our 241772 Sullair strainer kit is necessary in order to properly maintain the 241771 strainer. Call our knowledgeable team and Sullair specialist to obtain all of your standard maintenance items.  Utilize our user-friendly website to place orders, browse or request pricing. All in stock orders ship the same day on all orders placed before 3pm EST!

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