Air Compressor Services partners with Mill Village Ministries in Greenville, SC.

This month is "ACS Cares Month."

We like to remind ourselves that we are here on this Earth to serve others. While we seek to to donate our time, talent, and treasure to organizations and our churches across our local community, we felt like we needed a concentrated month.

In doing so, we have partnered with Mill Village Ministries, who has a really incredible mission that supports a variety of people in our community through some very diverse initiatives.

This month, you'll find ACS employees doing things like working on urban farms, fixing bikes, participating in professional development programs, and aiding in food share programs.

We believe that regularly serving others is contagious. We think this mindset translates to those who we interact with on a daily basis. And we think that we (and in turn, our vendors and customers) are are better off when we take the time to serve others.

Air compressor services hosts ACS Cares Month

About Air Compressor Services

Founded in 2012, Air Compressor Services (ACS) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of parts and services for all major air compressors. ACS distributes oil and lubricants as well as air compressor parts like oil filters, air filters, separators, and valves. It also services enterprise level industrial facilities with scheduled preventative maintenance as well as repairs and rebuilds of entire air compressor units. In 2024, ACS was recognized as America's #1 Place to Work in Manufacturing. ACS is also a two-time winner of three different awards for company and culture: the Inc. 5000 "Fastest Growing Private Companies in America (#3077)," "Best Places to Work in South Carolina (#4)," and "Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina (#18)."