air compressor oil sample

Taking an oil sample on your air compressor is a great way to analyze the fluid health of your compressor. You will be able to identify any contaminants that may be present in the system and can help detect signs of wear or damage.

Taking an oil sample is one of the best ways to ensure your compressor's performance and longevity, as well as detect any issues before they become more serious. Additionally, analyzing the oil sample can provide insight into the overall efficiency of your air compressor system. By taking an oil sample regularly, you can monitor any changes in the fluid health of your compressor and make necessary adjustments to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. 

Below, we will guide you toward taking an oil sample using the free oil analysis kit ACS offers. You'll take the sample using these instructions and then send the oil sample kit back to us for analysis in our oil lab!

Here are the six simple steps to taking a compressor oil sample.

Step 1: Clear the Area

Before taking the oil sample, be sure the area that you will be working in is safe to proceed. The machine should be powered off and locked out. 

Step 2: Clean the Valve

The first step is to clean the valve thoroughly. It's important to do this to be sure that contaminants from outside of the machine do not get in your sample.

Step 3: Keep Cleaning

The worst thing to do is to get a bad sample for the customer due to debris or contaminants from outside the oil.

Step 4: Drain the Valve

After you've thoroughly cleaned the valve, you'll need to drain off some of the oil. The size of the machine will determine how much you need to drain off  before taking a sample. In most cases it's better to drain a little too much than not drain enough.

Step 5: Take the Sample

To take the sample you want to start the flow into your drain container before moving the collection jar into place. Keep the stream going the entire time. This will keep you from disturbing additional potential contaminants by opening and closing the valve.

Step 6: Clean the Jar and Submit Sample

Once the sample is taken be sure the jar itself is clean. Use a rag to clean it and wipe around the lid. Be sure that you haven't gotten the top dusty and seal it up. Then, send it back to ACS for analysis!

    Taking an oil sample is easy to do and highly recommended for anyone using an air compressor on a regular basis. To get started, order your free oil sample analysis test kit today!

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