why is my air compressor not building pressure

Wondering why your air compressor might not be building pressure? There are numerous potential causes for an air compressor not building pressure. The most common issues include:

  • Is there an air leak down line in the plant?
  • A blockage in the air intake (dirty air filter or clogged control line)
  • A problem with the unloader valve

Air Leak Down Line

An often overlooked yet crucial issue that can prevent your air compressor from building pressure is an air leak down the line. Even a small leak in the system can cause a significant loss of pressure, making it difficult for the compressor to maintain the required pressure levels.

The ripple effects of a small leak can have effects further down the production line, impacting overall productivity and even the quality of the end product. Therefore, regular monitoring and maintenance of compressed air systems are essential to identify and fix leaks promptly. By doing so, businesses can ensure optimal performance, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and profitable operation.

Air Intake Issues

One of the most common reasons why an air compressor might not be building pressure is due to a blockage in the air intake. If there is something blocking the air intake, it will restrict the airflow and prevent the compressor from building up enough pressure.

If this is the issue, a new inlet valve could be the thing you need to restore pressure. Or you might also need a new air filter.

Broken Unloader Valve

Another potential cause for an air compressor not building pressure is a problem with the unloader valve. The unloader valve is responsible for releasing the pressure when the compressor is not running. If the unloader valve is damaged or broken, it can cause the compressor to not build up enough pressure.

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Compressor Still Not Building Pressure?

Once you have ruled these causes out, it might be time to contact one of our compressor experts.